South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Should you consider the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia for your business and growth? Yes, indeed! It is a vast canvas of opportunities and we can assist you in identifying, choosing, mapping and executing your growth plans

We use a domain knowledge approach founded on intrinsic local experience in our strategy consulting and work closely with multiple family-run businesses, corporate houses/conglomerates, and government and public sector entities across multiple industries in the GCC, the KSA, North Africa, India and South Asia, to develop their long term strategy and identify specific areas of business opportunity.

To our clients we offer not just strategic advisories, Mega Trends analysis, domain and technology studies but also a complete bouquet of services: Conferences, Leadership summits, Award Banquettes and much, much more.

To those that would like to work with us, we offer 

  • To be part of a team that assists clients in finding solutions for business problems.
  • An opportunity of being looked upon as an industry expert
  • A platform to work across dynamic geographies with different type of clients
  • An environment to be among vibrant minds who constantly challenge the limits of your capabilities

We offer careers across industries as Analyst s & Consultant s. Opportunities are open for Sales, Business Development and Business Support Services.

Frost & Sullivan offers our employees  attractive compensation package and performance incentive package that recognises high performers and rewards them, employee benefits that promote work – Life balance, employee empowerment and medical security.

Be part of the team of the that not just offers a job but offers a career.




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Chennai, India Category: Research Analyst   Full Time
At Frost & Sullivan, we seek people who will do more than just analysis. You will play a significant role understanding client's issues, challenges and aspirations. We believe that your ability to deliver solutions to clients' problems will depend mor…
Posted November 29, 2016 Job # SAMERATH
Chennai, India Category: Information Technology   Full Time
Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today's market participants.
Posted November 29, 2016 Job # SAMESUBAD