Reach and Impact


Frost & Sullivan’s core strength is breadth of coverage and how this shapes the future of industry, careers and families. We cover virtually all geographic regions with our 45 offices and our research team provides coverage of all industries, mega trends, technologies and new business models.   This creates a very dynamic and complex research and consulting environment, but, has profound impacts on our insights and value add to our clients. If you love intellectual challenge, the research process and working as a team to gain insights on the future of careers and industries, this is an ideal home for you.


Our aspirational goals are to leverage our staff, research, brand and global organization to improve the well being on the planet for all living things. This may sound like what every company says, however, we are making it happen. Here’s how:

  • Our Growth, Innovation and Leadership Events are hosting think tanks on the 7 global challenges with a goal to leverage our clients, technologies and assets to accelerate progress on these challenges.
  • Our Brand & Demand team help new emerging technology and best practices companies to tell their story to billions of people.   We help tell the stories of these great new companies and products with a goal to accelerate adoption rates and accelerate positive change.
  • Our Vision and Strategy team is working with corporations and governments around the world to better position their products and services to address the needs of the planet. Digital transformation technologies are changing every industry and government on the planet and we work to help them prepare for this transformation.  
  • Our Technology and IP group is focused on identifying the most amazing and disruptive technologies on the planet with a mission to identify optimal applications and idea partners to accelerate change and bring value sooner.

What Our Clients Say

We have a 54 year history in supporting our clients with raising capital, new product development, merger and acquisition, transformational growth strategies, product launch, competitive strategy, customer engagement strategy and technology strategy.